About United Safety Professionals

United Safety Professionals was spun-off from United Alliance Services to serve as the brand focused on providing highly professional workplace safety service solutions to businesses, large and small, across a variety of industries. Our team continues to offer best in the industry services because of our experience and continued growth to meet industry regulations and client needs

Our Mission

As a third party consulting company, our first priority is the customer. When a problem rises, we have the ability to adapt and cater to a client’s needs. Our personnel are strategically assigned in specialty areas such as: healthcare, property management, public and private utilities, waste management, manufacturing, emergency response, construction industry and maritime regulatory compliance, and ready to work in your office or on your job site any day of the week. Combining for over 100 years of experience and dozens of certifications our personnel provides the knowledge to help you create a safe work environment and save money on overhead costs.

The EquipNet Family of Companies

EquipNet has been revolutionizing the way companies manage their surplus assets for over two decades. We’re recognized for our proprietary asset management platform, our revolutionary industrial equipment marketplace, and our results-driven project management services. Our clients span across multiple industries and range in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 multi-national corporations and leading regional manufacturers. EquipNet solutions deliver maximized financial return while improving our client’s corporate image, adhering to their safety standards, and contributing to their sustainability initiatives.

United Alliance Services
Training and staffing from professionals with over 75 years of occupational health and safety experience in the construction, general industry, healthcare, manufacturing and maritime industries.
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OccuMed Occupational Healthworks
Assisting clients with training, consulting, and services that focus on the improvement of employee health and wellness.
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B&R Compliance Associates
B&R Compliance Associates provides the expertise and in-depth experience needed to deliver cost effective regulatory solutions which are a custom fit to your business and compliance needs.
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Our Approach

Our approach is based upon the fundamental principal that the employer is in the best position to provide safety in the workplace. Therefore, we primarily propose consultative services that focus on organizational safety capability analysis, supervisory training, and performance audits. However, we also provide full and part-time safety staffing to ensure your warehouse or jobsite are safe at all times. We welcome all challenges and remain open to any requests that arise

Proudly Affiliated with Regional Associations

Meet Our Team

We are a diverse team of trained safety professionals who have a wide range of industry experience and knowledge. Get to know our team and understand how a partnership with United Safety Professionals can benefit your operations. 

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