Safety Consulting

The idea of safe worksite is simple to understand and accept, but oftentimes much more complicated to implement.  Any number of issues can arise when a safety program is developed by individuals without proper training. 

United Safety Professionals is ready to collaborate with you on a solution that develops a safety solution that keeps your employees safe & healthy and your jobsite secure.

Take the First Step Towards an Improved Safety Culture with United Safety Professionals

Our Full Line of Services Are Available in Bundles


• United Safety Training Site

• Online or On-site

• Multiple Trainings


On-Site Audits

• On-Demand Communications

• Health & Safety Plan Development

Our Annual Service Bundles are built to provide our partners with the tools to improve their safety culture over a period of time instead of on a one-off basis. Bundles are also structured in a way to give the greatest financial flexibility so your budgeting is easier and planning the roll-out of services is more seamless.

Every Bundle is unique. To being the process of understanding what your tailor-made bundle will look like, contact a member of our Business Development Team through the form below.

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