Safety Staffing Services

Providing our clients with construction safety consulting and staffing solutions is a core specialty of United Safety Professionals. Our consultants, full-time, and part-time staff are OSHA certified and bring a level of credibility the moment they step on site that normally takes substantial time and monetary investment to develop organically.

United Safety Professionals’ qualified safety consultants work with your team to seamlessly integrate safety on your project, from the initial planning stages to the daily task-specific toolbox meetings. Our motivated team of professionals understands that safety, quality, and productivity work hand-in-hand.

Why Use A Third-Party Safety Consultant?

On the surface, our third-party safety consultants provide the benefits you would expect from engaging with us, such as reduced overhead cost associated with many different safety personnel handling multiple tasks; unbiased safety inspection; and a qualified voice to assist with monitoring and correcting site hazards.

United Safety Professionals’ stable of safety consultants also brings a set of benefits and services that you may not be aware of initially: 

Federal & State OSHA Guidance

Site Specific Safety Plans

Inspection & Citation Assistance

OSHA Recordkeeping & Documentation

Roster of Staff to Eliminate Downtime

Staffing for All Project Sizes & Durations

By utilizing our experienced safety staffing specialists for long-term or one off projects, clients are freed from the challenge of finding and hiring safety specialists as a temporary solution, and can count on our OSHA certified team to always be available for the next project. Whether you’re facing a part-time staffing necessity or require a full-time safety staffing solution, United Safety Professionals has an OSHA certified pro ready to join your team.

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