Opportunities for Job Seekers

United Alliance Services has seen continued growth as an organization for more than a decade. That growth has put us in a position to have a continuous need for skilled, dedicated professionals across a number of disciplines to ensure that our growth and high quality of service continues. Within United Safety Professionals, we are seeking applicants for the following roles:

Project Safety Consultant – Boston, MA

Project Safety Consultant – Boston, MA

Regional Safety Consultant – Canton, MA

Health & Safety Technician

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Solutions for Organizations

Full-Time Staffing Solutions

Whether a new job site requires it, or if there’s been a change in how an existing project’s safety is being evaluated, there is always a need for experienced safety staffing on a construction site. United Safety Professionals’ Full-Time Safety Staffing Solutions provide you with OSHA certified professionals that bring the highest safety standards to your site

Part-Time Staffing Solutions

Your safety needs don’t always require a full-time 40+ hours safety staffing specialist. For projects on a smaller scale, or shorter period of time to completion, consider utilizing United Safety Professionals Part-Time Safety Staffing Solutions. You’ll have access to the same qualified safety professionals, but at a length and cost that best suits your project’s needs

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