In order to stay in compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations, it is required that both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Resource Conservation and Reauthorization Act (RCRA) hazardous materials training needs to be completed and maintained. Our combined training delivers the required understanding and break-down of the complex regulations to maintain compliance with the EPA regulations, DOT Hazardous Materials Requirements HMR) of 49 CFR 100 – 185, and RCRA best practices.

Hazardous waste poses serious risks to the surrounding wildlife, environment, natural resources, drinking supplies, air quality, ecosystems, and life quality. To help reduce these risks, proper quality training, understanding, and compliance with these regulations is essential. This combined course allows “hazmat” handlers and transporters the necessary training to handle and transport hazardous materials in the safest manner possible.

Topics Include

Defining Hazardous Materials
Defining Generator and Co-Generator
Understanding the Need for the Regulations
Understanding the Improper Handling Risks
Understanding Waste Accumulation, Including Waste Accumulation Sites and Satellite Accumulation Sites
Understanding the Hazardous Materials Table, Classification, Packing Groups, and Naming of Materials
Understanding the Proper Logging and Interpretation of Logs and Manifests
Understanding the Responsibilities of Various Key Players
Understanding Basic Toxicology and Terminology
Understanding Placarding Requirements
Understanding Exemptions and Special Permitting
Understanding Why Proper Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements Is Essential
Utilizing Proper Labeling Conventions and Markings

This course takes up to 8 hours to complete, depending on experience of audience.