Course Description:

Health and Safety Plans are established by the employer or a designated health and safety officer to ensure employee protection against hazards. Development of your company’s comprehensive health and safety program is of utmost importance to worker safety. Participants will also learn the essentials of developing site specific health and safety plans.

Course Topics:

Organizational Structure
Job Hazard Analysis
Site Control
Training Program
Medical Surveillance Requirements
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Exposure Monitoring
Thermal Stress
Spill Containment Program
Decontamination Program
Emergency Response Plan
Standard Operating Procedures
Confined Space Procedure
Hot Work
Respiratory Protection Plan
Hearing Conservation
The use of Illegal Substances Policy
Workplace Violence Policy
Safety Incentive Program
Employee Disciplinary Program

Who Should Attend:

Company Environmental Health and Safety officers and employees responsible for writing generic Health and Safety Plans as well as site specific health and safety plans should attend this course.

Regulatory Requirements:

Various OSHA regulations and directives